Do you find that you can't eat the spicy and/or rich foods that you once enjoyed without paying the price? Do you often feel tired after meals? Do you often get full and bloated? Do you need to lose weight?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above – TurboZymes™ can help you because these symptoms could be a direct result of poor digestion due to your system’s inadequate digestive enzyme supply.  This can be your solution for enhanced and superior digestion...

To properly digest your food, you need digestive enzymes. When you eat cooked and processed foods (which is the majority of most people’s diets), you are using up your natural supply of digestive enzymes. The more we depend on our naturally generated digestive enzymes, the more stress is put on our body's system and we slowly lose the ability to make these enzymes efficiently. By your mid thirties your digestion starts to steadily decline in its effectiveness to break down your foods. As this undigested food begins to pollute our body we suffer from issues like:

  • Weight Control Problems
  • Bloating
  • Feeling Full for an Extended Period of Time
  • Feeling Tired After a Meal
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Constipation, Gas, Burping, Heartburn and Any Digestive Discomfort

TurboZyme™ is an advanced digestive enzyme complex, capable of aiding in the digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, fibers, and dairy products. TurboZyme™ helps give your body the extra enzymes it needs to digest your food more effectively so that you benefit from the absorption and assimilation of the nutrients, have more energy, feel lighter, and keep your entire body running more optimally...which can improve the way you feel each and every day.

TurboZymes™ Can Aid in Weight Loss:
Did you know that no matter how hard they try, some people simply can’t lose weight because their digestion is lacking and their metabolism can’t simply can’t get the job done.  The average person over the age of 35-years-old has pounds of undigested waste in their colon depending on their lifestyle and diet -- it is truly disgusting!  TurboZymes™ are designed to not only help improve digestion of the foods we eat, but also get rid of long term issues by breaking down old and toxic undigested foods in the colon. 

A very important part of TurboZymes™ is that it can help prevent weight gain and assist in weight loss because it can help you digest your food which helps your metabolism operate more optimally.  Of course anyone wanting to lose weight needs to incorporate a healthy diet and some exercise. 

A great deal of Medical doctors and health practitioners around the world believe that digestive enzymes can help make your colon and entire digestive system healthier organs because they assist you to not experience the toxic build up of undigested food which can slow your metabolism.  Have you noticed how some of your favorite foods like pizza, hamburgers, and anything greasy often make you feel slow and heavy after you eat then and maybe even still the next day?  This is because you are not digesting them quickly and efficiently to get them out of your digestive track.  At the same time, your metabolism is now operating slower while trying to digest them.  Imagine if you could eat the same foods and digest them more optimally…this is what quality digestive enzymes can assist with. 

Why Don’t We Have Enough of Our Enzymes?
Medical Doctors and Health Practitioners often say that the reason we don’t have enough enzymes to digest our foods quickly and efficiently is a lifestyle problem.  Our poor dietary habits, fast food obsessions, and excessive intake of fats and sugars, all require excessive amounts of enzymes to digest our foods.  This results in our system not having enough enzymes to handle the digestion of these foods properly, as well as forcing our internal enzyme-making machinery to work overtime to help rebuild and replace as many enzymes as possible. 

Digestive Enzymes are present within the food we eat before it is cooked. These enzymes exist naturally in raw food.  This is why raw foods contain enough enzymes to digest themselves.  If the food is cooked or processed however, the high temperature destroys the enzymes and now they can no longer assist in the digestive process.  Food that is cooked over 118 degrees contains no functioning digestive enzymes...and now your body must produce its own enzymes to digest the cooked/processed food.  

Depending on how much cooked/processed foods we eat, a huge percentage of our body's energy is expended on digestion. It makes sense that the less energy the body spends on digesting food, the more energy you can have.

Here's where the problem occurs. If you eat a meal consisting of a salad, a steak and a baked potato, there are likely enough existing food enzymes contained in the salad to digest itself.  But, there are no existing enzymes available to help digest the steak or the baked potato because they are cooked and therefore contain no living digestive enzymes. Now your body must take over and internally create the needed amount of digestive enzymes to handle the task of breaking down this food to be used properly by your body.

A good example of this is how our Blood Cells are affected by eating cooked & processed foods. White blood cells are responsible for destroying foreign, disease-producing substances in the blood.  During illness and infection, white blood cells increase to fight off these bad substances.  When cooked foods are eaten, the white blood cells react just like when we are fighting off illness. Within 30 minutes of eating cooked foods, our white-blood-cell count increases dramatically while the body works on digesting the food. This means that that your immune system is working hard when you eat cooked foods.  Studies have shown that an increase of white blood cells does not happen when raw food is consumed.  Doctors and Health Practitioners believe this is because the raw food contains its own enzymes to digest the living food without the aid of the human body’s enzymes.  

When you take quality digestive enzymes like those in TurboZyme™, your digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and dairy can be improved. You can also benefit from the absorption and assimilation of the nutrients in your foods, have more energy, feel lighter, and keep your entire body running more optimally…which can improve the way you feel each and every day.  

Here is our promise to you:
Order TurboZyme™ today.  If you are not completely satisfied, we ask you to take advantage of our attractive 60-day money back guarantee.  We want you to have a no-lose situation in trying this awesome formula.

***As with any dietary supplement, TurboZymes™ may not be for everyone. Please consult your healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


The Science Behind the TurboZymes™ Formula:
Almost all of the food we eat (90% or higher) is composed of proteins, carbohydrates, or fats. Therefore TurboZymes™ contains a blend of the essential digestive enzymes that each focus on a certain food type.  Since protein is the hardest to break down, TurboZymes™ contains three different enzymes for proteins and one each for carbs & fats:

  • Bromelain (digests proteins)
  • Papain (digests proteins)
  • Protease (digests proteins)
  • Amylase (digests carbs)
  • Lipase (digests fats)

Medical Doctors and Health Practitioners around the world believe these five ingredients are necessary in enhancing digestion.  TurboZymes™ has other supportive enzymes in the formula are present because they help assist the primary five do their job more efficiently, can help the digestive system function more properly, and can aid the body in the proper assimilation of the other nutrients in our foods.

All TurboZymes™ orders come with a full 90 day 100% money back guarantee!  That’s right – any order can be returned for a 100% refund within 90 days from the date you place your order. No questions asked.

Two Ways to Take TurboZymes™

  1. For the Digestion of the Foods We Eat:
    The best time to take TurboZymes™ is about 30-45 minutes before you eat.  It can also be taken during the meal, but most effective prior so that they can assimilate and be ready to do their job on the incoming food.  If you forget to take them before or during the meal you can still take them after the meal and still receive some benefits – but before hand is definitely what most Health Practitioners recommend.   

  2. To Break Down Undigested Foods & Assist the Metabolism:
    TurboZymes™ can also be taken on an empty stomach. The concept behind this is to help eliminate undigested food sitting in your colon.  Undigested food begins to rot and ferment which clogs your digestive system and creates harmful toxins. Many people use digestive enzymes for this purpose which can also help them feel lighter, have more energy, and hopefully assist their metabolism to operate more optimally.  

TurboZyme™ stands apart from other digestive enzymes because we’ve added Micro Vortex Enteric Coating to the Manufacturing Process.
 It was formulated by world renowned doctor and scientist, Dr. Hans Nieper of Germany.  He selected the ratios of each ingredient combined and then added his manufacturing techniques to ensure the most effective product for digestion he could make. The Micro Vortex Enteric Coating technique developed by Dr. Neiper helps the transportation of the Digestive Enzymes so they are not wasted. This is an advanced process in which every granule within the capsule is coated. The process entails the granules being blown up in a vacuum and coated while in the air. The purpose is to insure that the active ingredients are not dissolved in stomach acids prematurely instead of being assimilated where needed…which is in the digestive track. Click here to learn more about Dr. Nieper.